Artconing - estimates of the market value of the real-estates and basic means

Who are we?

Enterprise Artconing ltd. is founded in 2008 and it employs full-time experts from the following areas: civil engineering, agriculture, mechanical engineering and economy. Based on the age - long working experience since 1998, Artconing offers services of assessments.

Estimates of the market value of the real-estates and basic means (devices and machines) are usually performed with the aim of establishing the rights over the object of assessment in order to grant a loan. This is the most common kind of estimate we have been doing for banks and other clients. We perform "fair value" assessments related to the obligation fulfillment in regard to International Accounting Standards IAS 36. We have been offering these services since setting up the company and age-long experience of our associates guarantees veracity of the estimates. Assessment forms are similar, methodologies are very different. We adapt them to the specific needs of the bank and client. In practice, we apply all known and established assessment methodologies. We are ready to adapt the content and form to your needs in order to make it easier for you to look over the data of every assessment.

assessments in the area of civil engineering

Estimates (assessments) in the area of civil engineering:

  1. All kinds of residential as well as business premises for the needs of the investors, business banks, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Serbian Oil Industry as well as for local governments throughout Serbia.
  2. Industrial facilities
  3. Small business facilities
  4. Land (agricultural land, building sites and orchards)
  5. Warehouses
estimates machines

Estimates in the area of mechanical engineering:

  1. Industrial machines
  2. Concrete and asphalt bases
  3. Equipment and plants in silos for cereal storage
  4. Various kinds of farm machinery
estimates vehicles


  1. Motor vehicles
  2. Freight vehicle
  3. Vehicles for special purposes

Supervision over purposeful resources spending, professional supervision and projects monitoring

We can boast that, by order of National Corporation for Credit Insurance, we made a program for establishing level of construction of an unfinished facility, which is now basic program for estimates of the unfinished residential and business premises. According to this program, National Corporation for Credit Insurance brings a final decision about the level of acceptability of the unfinished facilities.

We offer these services together or separately through reporting. This kind of supervision implies:

1. Zero report

report which contains:

  1. legitimacy check (lot, ownership, urban infrastructure connections, building permit etc.)
  2. check of the investor’s deposit
  3. check of the expected building costs (project budget)

2. Periodical report

This report contains, above all, details connected to the construction progress, report about costs related to the project construction, cost control in comparison with cost plan, coordination of the costs and construction progress, information about potential risks and whether all registered capital is used for purpose expected. We consider that periodical report is important because that is the only way to notice deviation from any anticipated parameter in quality or quantity. Only in that case it is possible to intervene in time and avoid extremely high unexpected costs.

3. Final report

Final report contains mostly analysis about main building contractor’s fulfillment of the agreed parameters, whether the quality level of the facility is as agreed, comparison of the planned and realized costs with comments, realized account statements, whether the using license is obtained etc.

The policy of our company is fast answer on client’s request, within 24 hours, on the territory of the whole country if it is residential or business facility assessment. If it is plant complex assessment, the speed of answering on client’s request depends on the complexity of the very facility. Because of the overall market situation (economic crisis), we are ready to adapt the prices of our services to the current situation.

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